Fond Memories

Growing up in Brickfields, young AK has his own share of childhood bittersweet stories. The excitement and joy of a good game of football with friends had always made him not aware of the time passing by in his beloved La Salle Brickfields field. That is until he realizes that he’s late to help Amma close her food stall. Not to mention the times Amma comes looking for him at the field!

Bringing back the lost but certainly not forgotten

Even today, AK just cannot pass the La Salle school in Brickfields without bursting to share a memory or two from his childhood. Those close to him know this all too well, and he shares his stories which such passion too. Helping out Amma at her busy stall, moving the furnitures to higher grounds as floodwater sweeps into his house, catching fish in the Klang River, eating rice with Char Kuay Teow…

Sharing With Family and Friends

At Tifin, we try to make our food easy and fun. We hope it will bring back fond memories to some. To others, we hope to introduce lost Malaysian street food in a clean, cosy environment with emphasis on health and quality of food.


We use butter and never margarine. When we say milk, it’s always pure fresh milk. Yes, even teh Tarik is made with fresh milk and not condensed milk! Bet you can’t tell the difference.

– the way it was and the way it should always be –

We believe that a good meal should bring people together. Meal time should be a time for sharing stories, sharing laughter and sharing food.

Dine at Tifin

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Damansara City Mall,
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Monday to Sunday
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Traffic jam? Heavy rain? Can’t find your car keys? Let us bring Tifin to you. Get our menu on the left. Call us for delivery.

+603 2011 2969