The Indians first came to Malaysia for trading purposes in Malacca. Others were sent as labourers in coffee plantations, palm oil and rubber estates. They brought with them their colourful culture such as ornate temples, exquisite sarees and spicy cuisine. Over time, the Indian dish prepared in Malaysia evolved with some Chinese and Malay influences; becoming Malaysian Indian Cuisine.


Fish head curry is an Indian dish with some Chinese influence. The head of a Red snapper is stewed in a tangy and spicy curry with vegetables such as lady’s fingers, tomatoes and brinjals.

Deep-fried fish and chicken were virtually unheard of in South India. However, these Malaysian Indian dishes are much sought after to satisfy Malaysian taste buds that has a craving for food that is crisp on the outside while moist and tender on the inside. Interestingly, deep fried food is now being introduced in many restaurants in South India as Indian migrant workers in Malaysia return to their homeland with recipes they’ve learnt here.


For a quick and balanced weekday lunch hour meal, the thali set provides a healthy and nutritious variety to choose from

Guest Recommended Dishes

“The intense Bone Marrow Black Pepper awakens all my five senses for a wholesome satisfaction”
“I come for this whenever I’m feeling a little under the weather. My grandmother used to say that Nandu Rasam is an immunity booster. I don’t know if that’s true, but I instantly feel better after a bowl. Love the taste, too!”
“I was surprised to see this on a restaurant menu, very traditional dish. Tasty flakes of steamed fish it’s a must try!”
“Tifin’s Mutton Soup has always been my favourite dish to share. The soft, sweet and fluffy bun dipped in delicious soup. I only wish they would give me more bun!”
“The light, non-greasy combo of naans and kebabs make a healthy dinner option.”
“Our absolute favourite starter! My daughter loves it and can’t get enough of it. I love the way it crackles in my mouth.”
“The Prawn Sambal is awesome. Juicy big prawns.”
“For me, the Squid Roast is a fond reminder of home. The taste and texture of this dish reminds me of mom’s food back home.”
“The poor Chicken Briyani has earned itself a reputation of being unhealthy. One of the healthiest food out there, eaten in moderation. Herein lies the problem: when something tastes this good, how do you eat in moderation?”


Mango lassi is a thirst-quenching, popular drink consisting of sweetened Kesar and Alphonso mango pulp mixed with yogurt. Ice blended and served in a tall glass, it is soothing when enjoyed with our hot and spicy dishes.

For a variety try strawberry lassi, honeydew lassi or salt lassi to name a few.