Brickfields is a small town just outside central Kuala Lumpur. It is one of the pioneer settlements in Kuala Lumpur, well known for its vibrancy, food and shopping.

Brickfields was originally a piece of land bought by Chinese Kapitan, Yap Ah Loy. A series of flood and fire swept through Kuala Lumpur in 1881. This prompted British Resident of Selangor, Frank Swettenham instructing buildings to be constructed from bricks and tiles, replacing wood and atap. A kiln was then established in Brickfields for brick-making because the entire area was a clay pit that produced good quality bricks. Many of KLs historical buildings you see today were constructed from bricks produced from Brickfields clay!

Brickfields also served as the main depot of the then Malayan Railway (now KTMB) during the British administration. The British authorities brought in people from India and Sri Lanka to work for the Railway hence the early settlement of Indians in Brickfields and the emergence of Malaysian Indian Cuisine.